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Tips for Maintenance and Remodeling of Income Properties

Unlike your primary home, you have to be more judicious when it comes to choosing the remodeling projects for income-generating property. First, renovation projects could mean that the property may have to remain vacant until the project is completed. Second, you can’t do a vanity project such as a luxury bathroom remodel Jacksonville Fl, because the budget has to be commensurate to the expected returns. Finally, you have very little control over the care and utilization of a leased property. Projects with high returns include the following:


  1. Curb appeal improvements

First impressions count, even if you were taught never to judge a book by its cover, Manicured lawns, vibrant landscaping and lots of shady and private spaces in the back and front yards help make a home more appealing to everyone. This is one of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can undertake to improve your property’s marketability as a moderate to high-priced rental. Consider using the services of Jacksonville painters to give the property’s exterior more shine and polish to stand out in the neighborhood.


  1. Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel in Jacksonville, Fl, need not be an extensive job to create a major impact on the property’s marketability. Replacing grungy tiled counters with smooth-surface options is an update worth considering. Also, refacing instead of replacing kitchen cabinets in Jacksonville, Fl, is an affordable upgrade that will make the kitchen more inviting, and it may be something you can do with a handyman in Jacksonville, Fl.


  1. Bathroom Improvements

There is no need for an expensive bathroom remodel in Jacksonville. If the flow and the footprint of the bathroom works, consider upgrading the fixtures and cabinet pulls to modernize an aging bathroom. Clean or re-grout tiled surfaces, replace the straight rod towel bar with the sleekly curved version and choose colorful shower curtains and bath mats to re-energize the bathroom.


Treat your income-generating property with care but make sure to consider expenses and expected returns before committing to a landscape redesign, kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel in Jacksonville, Fl.