Paul Shockey

Construction Director

Meet Paul Shockey, a distinguished figure in Dallas, Texas’ real estate sector, renowned for his expertise in finance and real estate. He holds a degree in Finance & Real Estate from the University of North Texas and further enhanced his knowledge by studying International Business at the University of London. Paul possesses a Real Estate Broker License and a Building Contractor Certificate. He co-founded a prominent real estate venture in North Texas with his sibling, significantly contributing to the transformation of downtown Dallas through innovative projects.

In 2013, Paul founded the Hospitality Development Group (HDG) and later, in 2017, established One Call Contracting (OCC). Both enterprises have made significant impacts in the commercial and residential development sectors. By 2023, Paul expanded his influence to Artemis Management Company, extending his development expertise to Florida.

Outside his professional pursuits, Paul enjoys fine dining, traveling, and spending quality time with his wife Alison in Ponte Vedra, Florida. He seamlessly blends professional success with personal fulfillment.