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Maintenance and Remodeling

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Artemis provides a package of services that can be customized to your needs. Managing an investment property means ensuring the integrity of the physical structures and all outdoor areas. Electrical and plumbing systems, roof, walls and windows, and much more must be maintained adequately to meet structural and aesthetic standards. We stand behind the quality of our repair and maintenance work, as well as any remodeling projects we do for you. Well-maintained properties enhance tenant retention and preserve property values.
Additionally, property owners benefit by using a property management company to spearhead maintenance and remodeling. It can prove difficult to separate your personal style from your property. You want your property to present well to a diverse pool of tenants, not just the ones who share your aesthetic. We ensure that all maintenance and remodels are not only done professionally, but also objectively adhere to the standards and trends of your property type and location.




Exterior/Interior Painting Projects

When it comes to paint, it’s crucial to get the job done right the first time. Exterior paint improves curb appeal, while serving as a protective barrier against the elements, especially in Florida’s extreme climate. Likewise, interior paint enhances the aesthetic appeal of every room. We pre-qualify the painting contractors we work with here in Jacksonville, ensuring every job meets our stringent professional standards. The house painters contracted for our projects have a solid reputation, evident in the quality of their work and its timely completion.


Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling

A kitchen remodel improves property values, while making your house more attractive to tenants. Simple upgrades, such as solid surface counters or new kitchen cabinets, can transform an outdated kitchen. Additionally, kitchen remodels produce one of the highest returns on investment here in Jacksonville, Florida.


Drywall/Plaster Installation Repairs

No project is too large or too small for our team of seasoned property managers. Our contractors in Jacksonville are experts in their respective fields. You can trust that drywall installations and repairs are handled by a crew experienced in safe removal of damaged or compromised materials.


Wood, Vinyl, Ceramic Installations

For tile installation, you can count on us to exceed expectations. We take pride in our commitment to complete projects on time and provide exceptional results.



Sometimes, a remodel is more viable as a scrap and rebuild project, which calls for demolition. We work with contractors in Jacksonville, Florida, who are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle complete or partial demolition projects safely and efficiently.


Window Installations

In Florida, building components for houses need to comply with hurricane building codes. This is especially important for the roof, walls, and windows. Window replacement and installation is a job for licensed and experienced Jacksonville contractors.



We are your property manager of choice when it comes to reliable handyman services in Jacksonville, Fl. We take pride in our professional and timely remodel projects. A remodel doesn’t mean your property must experience a lengthy downtime. We understand time is money, especially when it comes to a rental property. If you need a remodel, structural addition, or annexation, count on Artemis for a code-compliant, quality job.


Landscaping Services

Well-manicured and maintained landscaping is a property’s best first impression. Keeping up with weed treatment and fertilization schedules can be a daunting task. Consider tapping the expertise of our contractors for your landscaping projects in Jacksonville, Florida.



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