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Facility Services

As onsite managers, we cover all aspects of facility services, including custodial, maintenance, inspection, and repairs. Artemis has a team of employees and contractors who are available to address emergencies and routine calls at all hours.



Repairs and Renovations
As onsite property overseers, we make sure all repair issues, regardless of whether they are major or minor, will be given due attention. We have experts on staff, as well as contractors who have been fully vetted by us to perform repairs and renovations as needed, according to the terms of your contract.

24/7 Emergency Call Center
Artemis is the first line of contact at all times, at all hours—seven days a week. We have on-call staff even during holidays, ensuring maintenance and emergency calls are answered and handled in a timely manner.

Online Payment Portal
We make it convenient for tenants to communicate with us and make their monthly payments. The online payment portal is available to all tenants, with an option to contact our staff at their convenience. Property owners have access to the online payment portal for monitoring and review purposes as well.

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